Miken Freak Gold 2023 Slowpitch Bat Review

One of the most popular slowpitch bats that Miken produces just got an upgrade and a lot of it has changed. As a premier manufacturer of slowpitch bats, Miken always strives to make the best bats possible year after year, so let’s take a closer look at the new Freak Gold and see if these new upgrades make a big difference.


The Miken Freak Gold slowpitch bat, part of the highly regarded Freak series, is a top-of-the-line option for serious slowpitch softball players seeking exceptional performance.

With a 1 oz Ultramax end load, it offers added power and distance to your hits. The 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter and 12.5-inch barrel length provide a large sweet spot and potential for increased power.


Construction & Features

When comparing the new Freak Gold to the previous model, the first difference that you can notice is the bigger barrel. The 2022 model had a 12″ barrel, but the new one has a 0.5″ bigger one.

This gives you a larger sweet spot and makes the bat a bit more forgiving. The technology implemented in the barrel is the same, which is Miken’s great E-Flex 360 barrel technology. It works wonders to deliver amazing amounts of pop.

The new handle is also here. The Vortex Extreme handle is designed to improve grip, comfort, and vibration dampening. Combine that with the smaller A1 knob, and you get a very comfortable bat.

As Miken Freak Gold bats are designed for power, getting the weight toward the end of the barrel is crucial. While the 2022 Freak Gold had a 0.5oz endload, the 2023 model has a 1oz Ultramax endload, and it only means one thing; more power.


With a larger sweet spot, a new handle, and a 1 oz ultramax endload, the Miken Freak Gold will generate more power behind each swing and is much more forgiving than the 2022 version.

The Vortex Extreme handle and the smaller knob do definitely make the bat more comfortable in the hands, providing a secure grip and reducing discomfort from vibrations upon contact. This allows players to maintain better control and swing with confidence.

However, if you want a bat with similar power but with a larger barrel, we suggest that you check out the 2023 Miken DC-41.



In terms of looks, there are drastic changes. Red and gold dominate the barrel, and with huge Freak and Miken logos, we can only say that the bat looks stunning. The use of vibrant colors and prominent branding elements contributes to a sense of style and confidence when stepping up to the plate.

While the attention-grabbing appearance of the bat may not directly impact its performance but can certainly make a statement on the field.


  • Two-piece composite
  • 12.5″ barrel
  • 1 oz ultramax endload
  • E-Flex 360 barrel technology
  • Vortex Extreme handle
  • A1 knob


With its larger sweet spot, 10 oz Ultramax end load, and innovative handle design, it has the potential to generate impressive power behind each swing. The visually stunning design with bold red and gold accents adds to its appeal.

While individual preferences and experiences may vary, the Miken Freak Gold is a promising choice for players seeking a high-performance bat that delivers both power and style on the field.