Miken Chaos Bradley Jones Model Review (2022)

Miken, renowned for its innovative and high-performance bats, has once again raised the bar with the Chaos Bradley Jones model.

Designed in collaboration with professional softball player Bradley Jones, this bat offers exceptional power, control, and durability to take your game to the next level.


This 12.75″, USSSA-approved bat is one of the most fun bats that we have tested lately. With the 0.5oz added to the top of the bat, you can be sure that it has power, but also a lot of pop.


Features & Construction

Let’s get into detail about how the amazing construction of the bat and its features impact its performance. First of all, we have a big, 12.75″ barrel. While it’s not as big as the 14″ Miken DC 41, it still offers plenty of forgiveness for power hitters.

With Miken’s advanced E-Flex 360 Barrel and the C-4 Carbon Fiber, which go exceptionally well together, you can be sure that you are getting a lightweight, but durable bat.

A feature that makes this bat so great and maximizes its flex is the F4P handle, which is also incorporated in another popular model by Miken, the Freak.

Miken is known for its commitment to durability, and the Miken Chaos Bradley Jones model is no exception. The bat is designed to withstand the demands of intense gameplay, ensuring longevity and reliability.


  • 12.75” barrel
  • E-Flex 360 Barrel
  • C-4 Carbon Fiber
  • Two-piece Composite
  • 0.5oz added towards to end of the barrel


Where do we start with the outstanding performance that this bat offers? First of all, the bat feels extremely comfortable in the hands, due to its great grip and handle. While it offers plenty of power, the Chaos doesn’t sacrifice control, and while swinging it, you will always feel that the ball will go wherever you want it to.

The cooperation with Bradley Jones truly bore fruit, as the performance of this bat is simply astonishing.



Not only that this USSSA-approved bat performs great, but it also looks great. The color combinations and the awesome graphics that just pop off the bat will turn some eyes on the field. 


In conclusion, the Miken Chaos Bradley Jones 2022 slowpitch bat is a game-changing weapon that combines advanced technologies, exceptional power, and durability. Crafted with Miken’s renowned expertise and designed in collaboration with professional softball player Bradley Jones, this bat offers players the edge they need to excel on the field.