DeMarini Mercy 2023 Review

The DeMarini Mercy 2023 is one of the best slowpitch bats of the year, and it’s easy to see why. In DeMarini’s top-of-the-line slowpitch bats, the Mercy is the only one with a balanced weight, which is very rare to see nowadays.

Let’s learn more about its features and how well it performs.


The Mercy is developed for those who prefer a more balanced swing, but still like to have a bit of power in their hands.

Compared to the 2022 Mercy, DeMarini didn’t bring some innovative technologies to the plate with the new one, and you still have that stiff feel that the last year’s model had.

DeMarini Mercy 2023 Slowpitch Bat

Features & Construction

DeMarini’s new Mercy has a pretty conventional two-piece composite construction, with a 13″ barrel. The barrel size is one inch shorter than the super-popular Juggy, but compared to the Juggy it has a much lighter feel.

The Stacked Double Wall composite is back on the new Mercy, and it serves the purpose of increasing the bat’s overall durability, but also helps for lower compression balls. The handle is a 4.One Handle, which adds a bit of stiffness to the bat, so while the bat is soft compared to many others on the market, it does have a touch of stiffness, thanks to the 4.One handle.


  • 13” balanced barrel
  • 4.One Composite Handle
  • Stack3d Double Wall Composite Barrel
  • Two-piece Composite


So, in terms of performance, you can expect a light-swinging bat, that is also easy to control. With the 2023 Mercy, you can feel how well the softball jumps off the bat, and get that precise contact.

Now, in terms of power, to say that it lacks it would be an overstatement, but if you are looking for a bat that has a ton of power and a very stiff feel, the Mercy wouldn’t be for you. 



DeMarini has made an immensely big change when it comes to mainly the graphics, but also the colorway of the Mercy. The big Mercy logo still has the same font as last year’s model, but the similarities pretty much end there. The bat is much brighter, and the green just pops off. We can also see a gradient purple color, which we haven’t seen in the previous model.


Overall, the new Mercy is a great bat for those who prefer light-swinging bats with a balanced weight distribution. We were disappointed by the lack of new technologies, but don’t confuse that with how well the bat performs. If you are a fan of stiffer bats, than the Mercy isn’t a bat for you.