DeMarini Juggy 2023 Slowpitch Bat Review

DeMarini Juggy slowpitch bats are known for their balance of power, durability, and performance.

They are made from high-quality materials and are designed for players looking for a bat that can handle the demands of advanced slowpitch softball.


The DeMarini Juggy, an elite-level slowpitch bat, is designed to provide players with maximum power on their swings.

The combination of its end-loaded swing weight, advanced technologies, and high-quality materials make it a bat that can deliver a significant amount of power.

Features & Construction

Over the years, DeMarini Juggy has seen some major technological improvements and has gone to a stiffer feel. The big story with this year’s Juggy is the new composite handle, which we will explain in more detail later on.

Let’s talk a bit about its construction. The Juggy is a two-piece composite bat that features a 12″ barrel. The barrel is shorter by an inch or two than most slowpitch bats.

Stack3d Double Wall Composite Barrel is used in this year’s Juggy as well, as it is considered a traditional Juggy barrel. The swing weight is end-loaded, which will help you generate more power, which can be felt from the initial swing.

Now let’s get back to the handle. Replacing the ZnX Alloy Handle, the Juggy now features the TR F.L.O Composite Handle, a brand-new handle that will help you in hitting the ball out of the park.



  • 12” balanced barrel
  • End-loaded
  • Stack3d Double Wall Composite Barrel
  • TR F.L.O Composite Handle


There are several performance aspects in which the new Juggy excels. Firstly, it feels hot out of the wrapper. The brake in time is pretty minimal, which is seen on other DeMarini bats, especially the older Juggy’s.

The bat has a massive sweet spot, and when you get some hits with it, you feel like you just can’t miss it. While the bat is available from 25oz to 28oz, even with the heavier weights, the Juggy feels more like a light-swinging bat.

The handle is pretty thin, and with a wide knob of the Juggy, it feels very comfortable in the hands.



In terms of the looks of the bat, when comparing the new Juggy to the 2022 model, everything except the logo font is changed. The previous model was not particularly great looking, but with the 2023 Juggy, that has changed.

The colors pop off the bat much more, and the graphics look amazing. DeMarini has switched back to a glossy finish, as the 2022 Juggy had a somewhat matte finish.


For everyone that is an advanced slowpitch player and needs a high-performance bat to match their skill, the DeMarini Juggy is a bat that should be highly considered.

To say that DeMarini has done a great job with this year’s Juggy would be an understatement.