Best ASA/USA Slowpitch Bats – 2023 Reviews

If you are looking for the best ASA/USA slowpitch bat, you have come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 ASA/USA slowpitch bats after going through intense testing, and have come up with the ultimate buying guide for you.

This will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a new ASA/USA bat.

The following characteristics must be present in a great ASA/USA-approved slowpitch bat:

  • Balance
  • Control
  • A good feel
  • Solid construction
  • Durability
  • Good price

Top 5 Best ASA/USA Slowpitch Bats for 2023

Miken DC 41


DeMarini Steel

We’ve compiled an in-depth analysis of all the different ASA/USA bats that we’ve tested, and put them all together in this review so that you can see which is the perfect choice for you.

All of these bats have passed our rigorous testing process, and are highly recommended.

Miken DC-41 2022

Miken is one of the most respected brands when it comes to slowpitch softball, and they constantly bring new innovations to the table. Their slowpitch softball bats are known for their excellent durability and excellent performance, and the new DC-41 proves just that.

The DC-41 is engineered to be a power hitters fantasy bat. With the 1 oz added to the end of the barrel and the 14-inch barrel, you are able to hit some amazing shots with the new Miken DC-41.

The barrel is very innovative in terms of technology. It’s made from Miken’s premium aerospace-grade fiber and features F2P Barrel Flex Technology that improves the bat’s flex for a better trampoline effect.

All of these technologies don’t just sound fancy, they actually make a difference on the field and that is why the Miken DC-41 is a must-have.


No list of the best ASA/USA slowpitch bats is complete without the legendary Worth Krecher XL. The previous, 2021 Krecher XL was one of the top-rated ASA/USA bats on the market, and the new model has proven itself to be just as good.

Featuring a 13.25″ barrel, the new Krecher XL is available in three configurations: 34″/25oz, 34″/26oz, and 34″/27oz. It’s an end-load bat that features half an ounce placed toward the end of the barrel for a better launch off the bat.

This bat features a thinner handle than the one found on the last year’s model, and the grip and overall feel are much better. The Krecher XL can generate a ton of flex primarily because of the Quad Comp Technology.

Overall, the Worth Krecher XL didn’t disappoint us one bit. It still is a premier ASA/USA bat and we are eagerly anticipating the new version to see if it improves upon the already excellent performance.

DeMarini Steel 

What a bat the DeMarini Steel is. First introduced in 2017, the DeMarini Steel has continued to be one of the top-performing bats available today and a fan favorite. It features a 12” Carburized Seamless Drawn Steel Barrel which is a single-wall barrel design that provides a great balance between lightweight and durability.

The DeMarini Steel also features an alloy handle for the ultimate stiff feel that allows for more consistency and power. Since it has a single-wall barrel and the whole bat is essentially made from aluminum, the flex is very low, and some hitters will prefer that.

The most notable downside to this bat is the sound. It’s not pleasant as some other single-wall bats, but it’s not a deal breaker. Anyone who wants to play with a single-wall bat must have the DeMarini Steel on the top of their list.

Miken Freak Primo

Another ASA/USA-approved bat from Miken has a place on this list, and it’s the Miken Freak Primo, a bat that is engineered to give you some impressive power. The Freak Primo features Miken’s innovative Tetra-Core Technology which is also found on the DC 41 that we’ve covered on this list. 

This innovative technology improves the overall responsiveness of the bat, which helps improve your swing and allows you to generate more power. What is hugely important in two-piece bats like this one is that you limit the vibration that gets to your hands to a minimum.

The Miken Freak Primo does this amazingly with the help of Sensi-Flex, which also improves the speed of the bat. The knob on the Freak Primo is a small one, which will make the bat more comfortable in your hands. 

Anderson Ambush 

Anderson is a renowned name in the softball industry, and the Anderson Ambush is one of their best-selling slowpitch bats, so you know that this bat is going to be reliable. The Ambush has a two-piece composite design, with the composite material being multi-layered, which gives it more durability.

This bat offers a pretty good combination of balance and power, and it is aimed at both power and contact hitters. The 14″ barrel provides great pop and the extra length will help with accuracy. 

Last but not least, the Anderson Ambush offers some pretty good pop right out of the wrapper, but when it’s fully broken in, you get to see its full potential. Both the contact and power hitters are going to enjoy the feel of this bat and have a ton of fun with it.