Worth KRECHER XL ASA Slowpitch Bat Review

Krecher XL is one of the most popular bats on the market, both the USSSA and ASA/USA models. Known for their power and large sweet spots, it’s no wonder that the Krecher XL models are fan favorites year after year.

Let’s delve deeper into the technologies implemented into the Worth Krecher XL and see what makes it such a great bat.


The Worth Krecher XL ASA/USA bat is a high-performance slowpitch softball bat designed for players participating in ASA leagues and tournaments. 

With its extended barrel length and composite construction, this bat offers a larger sweet spot and increased hitting surface area, resulting in powerful hits and improved distance.


Construction & Features

Worth Krecher XL has a three-piece composite construction with a very large, 13.5″ barrel. 0.5oz is added toward the end of the barrel, providing an expanded sweet spot for improved contact with the ball. 

This design element helps players generate increased momentum and maximize their hitting potential, making the Worth Krecher XL ASA bat an ideal choice for those seeking a power-oriented bat in ASA leagues.

Worth has implemented two interesting technologies in this bat; the first one is the Quad Comp technology, which improves the performance of the inner barrel. The second technology has to do with the handle of the bat. The Flex 50 handle is astonishingly thin and it boosts the swing speed.


This bat combines power, swing speed, and pop in an incredible way. It also feels so comfortable in the hands yet it allows for explosive hits. While it may lack the durability of some bats in its category, like the Miken DC-41 Supermax, the combination of power and comfort makes the Worth Krecher XL ASA bat a top choice for players seeking a bat that delivers exceptional performance without sacrificing comfort during their swings.


  • Three-piece construction
  • 13.5″ Barrel
  • 2 1/4″ Barrel Diameter
  • 0.5″ End-load
  • Quad Comp Technology
  • Flex 50 Handle
  • Opti Grip Knob


Worth Krecher XL ASA/USA is a prime option for softball players looking to dominate in ASA leagues. With its three-piece composite construction, extended 13.5-inch barrel, and strategically added end-load, this bat packs a powerful punch, delivering impressive power, swing speed, and pop. What sets it apart is its ability to balance its power-oriented design with a comfortable feel in the hands, ensuring a confident and enjoyable swing.